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:iconepicstareplz: enter if YOU DARE!


:iconeagershadowplz: :iconshadowlaplz:


     Hnnnnnng.... Drawing program no work >:[ 

my iPad is currently being a butt and crashing all of my apps despite any of my attempts to fix the problem, so everything's probably going to have to be postponed for a while...not that I really have time to draw anything anyways... ;-;  I'm sorry, Genius, that your commission is taking forever to get done and uploaded. 

Iperd is derp
Realta do-over concept 01 by Briannathewingedwolf
Realta do-over concept 01

shitty characters becoming even shittier characters but I keep working on her and she's still crappy eeeeeeeeeh

the design and character belong to me

edit: she was too damn pretty and clean considering all the shit she's managed to get out of. She has a face scar now. (Not randomly placed, don't worry, it has a simple backstory) 
Havocvillain by Briannathewingedwolf
Evil fursonas


Havoc (cat fairy thing) and her design belong to me
Havocvillain WIP by Briannathewingedwolf
Havocvillain WIP
Wheat happens when I can't sleep

my fursona all evilized muahahahaha

bro,,..bro, character design belongs to me

bro, no stealies 
FNAF fan character attempt by Briannathewingedwolf
FNAF fan character attempt

so.... Yep....

shes a Native American war horse, kindly suggested by one of my friends. 

I thought she would have her own little area, similar to Pirate's Cove, either called Enchanted Forest or Twilight Woods where there's a fake camp site and she would come out and dance and tell stories 

her jaw isn't broken, simply hung low in a poor attempt to make her look like she's smiling (since her closed mouth makes her look a bit skeletal)

if there isn't anyone in her little area, she'll likely join people in the party room. There are targets hung towards the ceiling that she'll shoot with candy cane patterned "arrows" that are covered in edible glitter, as they fly and strike the target, glitter goes everywhere. If a child wants the cane, they can ask an employee and they'll break off the spike on the cane and give it to the child. She will never shoot unless these requirements are met

-nothing sticky on the bow or her hands (these items are usually cleaned every hour or two)
-the target is blocked
-there are people within a certain radius of her

Now, during nighttime hours is where it gets kind of sticky.

tactics have yet to be finalized, but (this is based off of the second game where there are no doors and a hallway in front of the players desk) she does shoot at the player (for jumps are reasons) and does temporarily shoot out lights. 

Names are still being thought of...
Kinda stuck on Spira, Socks, Cherri, and Misty...

oh yes, she is a toy as well. The brighter "cuter" versions of the animals.


United States
Requests: Watchers only

Commissions: watchers only

New watchers welcomed :)

I am a female residing in the US who loves to create new characters and stories. I'm a collaborator, I like to ask people opinions and views on certain ideas and ask that they give me their own. I am a bit messy and disorganized when it comes to writing plots and creating realistic, fun characters though, but throughout the months and years as I submit redesigns and updates for them, they become more of their own person.

Many of the things you will see in my gallery are character redesigns and concepts as my ideas for them grow.
SO MUCH FANART (most of it is drawing of my fan characters though .-.)
And some of my original stuff. I don't go into detail about the projects involving my characters due to much insanity and constant development, so don't feel left out if you can't find much information about a character of mine that you like.

I take CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Which includes:
Something you liked about the work
The thing you didn't like
How I can improve and tips

Can't do that? Seriously doubt it. There's no point in leaving a negative comment about a piece you didn't like if you're not going to help me improve.

I take Code Lyoko and My Little Pony:FiM way too freaking seriously.
I'm so sorry I haven't been posting much this summer but I haven't really had the mojo to draw due to longer work hours and energy levels ;-;.

most drawings I post, of any at all, will probably be designs, design changes and requests (long awaited requests and I apologize about that). Hopefully I get some sudden burst of energy and get shit done this summer, but for now I guess, there won't be many submissions.

im attempting to work on adoptables, but so far I'm rather bored with them (as I put a little too much detail for a mlp adoptable) but, still hoping I'll get it done at some point. 

So yeah, more adoptables in the future if you like that thing...

if you're interested, updates about Sweet Mint and Vanilla Beam should (not guarenteeing anything) be out soon. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then its okay, I don't post much information about projects I'm working on on Deviant art in fear of someone not quite as lazy as me stealing the information and pushing out something amazing before I can even start working on mine. 

Anyways, new mlp characters will be featured in a comic, heaven knows if I can figure out how to make one. But mlp characters are usually simple enough to draw and I thought comics would help me with developing a recognizable style and keep my art constant. 

Ayways, yeah. May not be much art considering its halfway through summer and I haven't posted jack squat...

just letting you know incase you cared enough to even read this journal...


Good day, my Abomination 


      This is going to come back and bite me in the butt...
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